Elcin Ergin, Ph.D.

Data Scientist

Data Science Experience

Sep 2020-Current Data Scientist - ORO Health, Montréal

  • Developing deep learning algorithms for skin disease detection

  • Achieving over 90% accuracy in top-3 prediction with 42 skin diseases

  • Working on the productization of AI frameworks

Jan 2020-Sep 2020 Junior Data Scientist - AuDela, Montréal

  • Developed and supported classification and clustering based machine learning algorithms on telecommunication sector

  • Supported the productization of AI frameworks

2014-2020 PhD Researcher - McGill University, Montréal

  • Investigated the location-specific inventory and sales dynamics by applying econometric models and machine learning techniques on large data sets, resulting 2% increase in revenue for a fast-fashion retailer located in Europe

  • Published an A level journal article

  • Using color histograms on image data, constructed a novel algorithm to optimize color assortment scheme for online stores

  • Gave lectures on operations management

2012-2014 MSc Researcher - Middle East Technical University, Ankara

  • Developed parametric, nonparametric and hybrid approaches to improve short term electricity forecasting, achieving a 17% more accurate prediction of hourly electricity demand for an energy solutions company in Turkey

2011-2012 Cash Management Optimization Project - IsBank, Istanbul

  • Optimized the cash management system of a bank operating in Turkey as the final year undergraduate project

  • As a team, optimized the number of central cash offices and their locations to minimize the total operational cost (by 18%) and to improve the utilization of the system (up to 50%) by modeling it as set-covering and travelling salesman problems and approximating using vehicle routing algorithm